How do great ideas evolve? What inspires the culmination of great plans and proposals?


The human brain facilitates the formation of thoughts, imagination and logic. The ideas it generates are often the foundation of notable innovations. These ideas shape the very way we live and evolve. Often, the creative processes involved behind an innovative design, is the seed for the evolution of great interdisciplinary ideas of the future. Think about it! A fashion designer working in line with a biologist to develop a product together or a biotechnology scientist critically analysing a product designer’s work. Tickled your brain enough?


At UNI, we aspire to create a community of designers across the globe in order to establish a platform where varied knowledge domains of art, design and engineering can co-exist. It aims at providing a platform for innovative solutions and unconventionally creative thoughts to thrive, thus stimulating the design field even further in order to generate profound ideas and create significant products.


In future, we wish to expand this endeavour in the form of an open public platform to initiate a dialogue among designers. We aspire to combine different ideologies and diverse methodologies, to create a continuum which links ideas such as exploration, debate and collaboration at one place, ‘UNI’, to understand and create ‘Architecture of Everything’.



BOUN Serves as a unit block for UNI in the field of furniture design. It serves as a platform for experimentation and conceptual exchange of ideas for furniture designs happening at various levels. The program intends to get designers from around the world and encourage them to share their extraordinary design ideas.


Through our furniture design competition at BOUN, we intend to create a dialogue among designers where they have full freedom to create contextual and user-centric design. Our furniture design awards will identify and acknowledge young and budding designers from across the globe. This approach towards design would serve in refurbishing the profession’s identity and will help the product to reach masses through our leading media and industry partners.



Our annual theme serves as an important parameter for the competitions happening in a calendar year. The theme will bind all the competitions and workshops happening in that calendar year together.  This annual theme will be determined by the curator(s). Read more about our annual theme for the competition here.



BOUN is aimed primarily for furniture designers, and students in the same field, but other designers in similar professions all around the world are encouraged to participate. The call extends to the professionals and students in other diverse fields such as architecture, interior design, product design, and arts.



Curators are professionals working in the field of furniture design who are known for their progressive approach to the discipline. Their role includes:



  • devise and propose the annual theme
  • nominate, invite and contact jurors in cooperation with the organizing committee
  • prepare the editorial of the annual cycle/theme
  • ensure proper communication with jurors
  • prepare general comments of all the competitions based on the feedback of each juror and link them to the annual theme
  • create a cross-section of the competitions and individual competition results
  • produce a summary and edit the final annual publication
  • participate at the annual awards ceremony



The juror is a professional recognized for his/her strong critical/theoretical and socially aware approach in addressing architectural issues.



  • communicate and coordinate the activities with the guest curator and other jurors
  • prepare the brief for competitions within the context of the annual theme
  • evaluate the entries
  • prepare the announcement and explanation of results
  • prepare the ‘General Comments’ of the single competition (to be published on the web and in an annual publication)
  • participate in the annual awards ceremony






The targeted marketing campaign will ensure the visibility of the program and a high response rate for the competitions. The information about the program and about competitions will distributed through internet portals and blogs which focus on architecture. Related professional associations and institutions at national, regional, and global level, will regularly receive information about the calls and competition results electronically and by regular air-mail.


Special attention will be paid to the promotion of winning authors and teams through PR activities, on-line presentations and interviews, live streaming of the annual award ceremony and by publishing the annual publication.


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